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(WI) Wild Individuality Mentorship


Do you suppose she is a wildflower?"- A daisy in Alice and Wonderland 


In the movie Alice in Wonderland,  Alice meets talking flowers through her journey into Wonderland.  The flowers in the field were trying to decipher what kind of flower Alice was.  When they could not, they labeled her a "Wildflower."   


Wildflowers are of an uncultivated variety and beauty growing freely but are often considered out of place where they are planted.  For many single mothers they have had to sacrifice their potential and uniqueness for necessity and feel much like Alice did, the odd one out in many social situations.  They often struggle to keep this same feeling and stigmatization from manifesting in their children's view of them self and their place in society as a child of a single mother.  Many times children of single mothers only have their mother as their parental figure as the father is not actively involved in the child or children's lives.  This often leaves the single mother with feelings of inadequacy to nurture their child's dreams and self esteem.


  WI (Wild Individuality) Mentoring teaches single mothers to declare their individuality and assert their rarity, to embrace the dreams they once had given up for security, and in a field of roses and daisies to be that uncommon and unique Wildflower.  There is one you, and there will never again be another you.  WI Mentoring encourages single mothers to let the seed of who they are and what they dreamt of becoming as a child to blossom and in return instilling this same power into their children.   


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