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Natalie Thompson, is Founder & President of WILDflowers Foundation, where the primary mission is to inspire single mothers to find their light, through effective mentorship, education, career focus, wealth management, homeownership and life & parenting skills.  Natalie Thompson’s passion for empowering single mothers comes from her own struggles as a single teen mother. 

Coming from a humble background Natalie never let her circumstance of poverty and single motherhood hold her back from her education, career goals and making a better a life for her two children.  Her belief that single mothers must declare their individuality, assert their rarity and let the seed of who they are and what they dreamt of becoming as a child blossom is at the heart of her service through the WILDflowers Foundation. 


Natalie Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado.  Natalie has an extensive background in Mortgage Financing and is currently the Branch Manager at The Mortgage Network in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Through her personal struggles and setbacks as a single mother, it is her hope that the WILDflowers Foundation will assist single mothers to break the cycle of their current circumstances and live out their dreams and hence instill this same power taught in the program to their children.  Natalie Thompson is an active Mentor in the organization working ceaselessly to bring her message of WILD Individuality to the world. 


Direct- 361-207-4217 




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